Education... Bass, Muskie


Lake Minnetonka MN

My goal is to help you become a better angler improve your skills on my boat.


This season I will be offering a limited amount of guided fishing opportunities. If your goal is to become a better angler vs just going fishing I may be your guy. Whether your interest is early season Bass, fall Muskie or any season in between my trips are education based and are designed to help anglers reach new levels of proficiency at the game. Finding fish, deciding on tactics and presenting the lure properly with a strong emphasis on technique and execution. Most anglers learn the hard way thru trial and error and that can take years...especially with low volume fish like the muskie. An investment in education cuts that curve significantly and you'll soon do more catching. Your outing will have a plan based on species, season, weather and a host of other variables that impact what fish are doing on a given day.   Every outing is custom based on what the angler is looking to get out of it...I can't think of a better way to approach it.


Your classroom is a current year Ranger 621 powered by a 300hp Mercury outboard,  it is filled with the absolute best gear available in the industry. Shimano reels, Thorne Bros. custom rods, Justencase tackle storage, Power Pole anchoring system and a selection of lures that some would call excessive...lures are tools. Learn to use the right lure at the right time using good technique and get better results.


The best boat filled with the best gear is part of the experience, learn what works and what does not and save time and money by purchasing the right stuff the first time.

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